Tuesday, May 27, 2008



This little beauty greeted me by climbing up my leg to say hello. She was as sweet as sugar and tolerated me for quite a long time. We looked out the window and watched Daddy and then Mommy acting silly outside. We climbed stairs, read books, and even did bath time. Looking at a small collection such as these for the blog really makes me happy to be able to record a piece of the daily life of a child. It's why I like to focus on what they do naturally and how they spend their time. When you see the end result, there is so much more to connect with than just a traditional smiling face portrait.
I want to look back on the images of my children and have them make me remember a special thing we did together, a spot in the house they always played in, or that look they would give me. Those things change so quickly. My husband and I ask each other all the time, "What was that thing he used to do when he was falling asleep, or "remember the "nose face" look he used to do when he was feeling really ornery?" I love to help you preserve this things. That is what lifestyle photography is about.






This is Allison cheering along with her doll that talks. We had a good laugh when she suddenly did this. Only one time, but I got it.









Ok, these last two are favorites. This is what I mean by what children do naturally. Now if I showed up at John and Jill's door and said "I would love to photograph your daughter playing in the toilet", I would probably not be invited in. But, the fact that this is something she does naturally (when she is sneaky), it only makes sense to preserve it. Now, when they want to mention this to her boyfriend or husband years down the road, they will have an artistic print to pull out for all to admire. Sorry Allison. It had to be done. :)



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Stephanie Stremler said...

She is adorable and you captured her wonderfully!! Great job!

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