Monday, December 31, 2012

little beauties

Two sets of the biggest brown eyes awaited in the window to greet me and introduce me to their new baby sister last Wednesday the day after Christmas. While the blizzard ensued outside, we got to hang out and get to know each other a. I really enjoyed these little faces and the warmth they shared on such a cold snowy day. 

I think the only thing cuter than this......

could be this.........

or maybe this.....yes this for sure.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby face

More of Will....a lovely face to share..the teeth, the eyes, the cheeks.  We thoroughly wore this guy out.  Dad said he would let us know when he was done and we certainly knew he was, when he just plopped onto his back on the front porch right after we got the one of him in his red sweater below. With no expression and in what appeared to be a photo coma, we let him off the hook. We plopped him in and out of the tub and then off to bed.  

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I spent the morning with these two at their home in German Village and after thoroughly wearing out their 9 month old (no nap, hanging around home, a trip to the Schiller Park, and back home and in and out of the bath and then into bed) we were able to grab about 10 uninterrupted minutes of just the two of them.  I've been making it a priority lately to try to get couples together during family sessions.  It is so rare that once we have children that we focus quite as much on recording that relationship.  Cristina and Jeremy were so lovely and it was fun to see them be comfortable enough to show this side.  Especially after a long relationship and marriage.   More of Will shortly.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Real Love

  I always wait until I have images up and see what comes to my mind while they are in front of me and that is what I write.  All I have running through my head tonight while looking at these beautiful friends of mine is Real Love by John Lennon.  

I can't say enough how much real love is in this family.  They are blessed with Grant, who is truly a light, gorgeous and sweet Maggie, and their beloved Atalee who is in heaven.  I am inspired by the joy and love in their eyes.  

"Real Love"

John Lennon

All my little plans and schemes
Lost like some forgotten dream
Seems like all I really was doing
Was waiting for you
Just like little girls and boys
Playing with their little toys
Seems like all they really were doing
Was waiting for you
Don't need to be alone
No need to be alone
It's real love
It's real, yes it's real love
It's real
From this moment on I know
Exactly where my life will go
Seems that all I really was doing
Was waiting for love
Don't need to be afraid
No need to be afraid
It's real love
It's real, yes it's real love
It's real
Thought I'd been in love before,
But in my heart I wanted more
Seems like all I really was doing
Was waiting for you
Don't need to be alone
No need to be alone
It's real love
Yes it's real, yes it's real love
It's real, yes it's real love...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Juliette is the sun

I always come back to newborn sessions being my favorite.  There is something about the underlying happiness that is present when you walk into a home where a new baby has just arrived.  Even with the added pressure of a photo session with very little sleep and an older sibling, there is an undeniable ease that makes the session flow and provides little moments of heaven.  

Please get in touch if you are planning on welcoming someone into the world.  I would love to meet them. 

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