Friday, August 29, 2008

System Down

My site is down right now along with my email so please forgive me any delay in getting in touch with you or loading galleries to view. Hopefully it will be taken care of soon and I can catch up. Thanks for your patience. Darn computers.



Little Dalen is 3 months old and doesn't like to sit still for a minute. It was atleast a million degrees this day and Stacey (mom) and I were feeling it. By the end of the session, we were spent. A little storm rode through and took all of our light as well. It's amazing how quickly the light can change with the weather. We made the best of it and just got a little creative. We have three more sessions planned so I can't wait to see how Dalen grows up this year. She's such a cutie.


This is what happens when you put an active baby on slippery pillows.










Monday, August 25, 2008

Close your eyes and make a wish.........................


Sometimes they come true. I know I have a few I'm counting on.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Focus Grasshopper


When I walked out of the front door this afternoon to take out the trash, this little guy was on the hood of my car waiting to greet me. Ok, he didn't really greet me, but i couldn't believe how long he sat there letting me get closer and closer. I'm not an insect person by any means, but isn't he kinda cute? Maybe he is good luck........... No, that's crickets.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sweet Ciana


I'm glad to be able to post this today for my new friends Danixa and Chris. The last three days I've been dealing with the dreaded computer crash that drives your work to a halt. I pulled my hair out for the duration and am finally back up and running. Thanks for your patience everyone!
Little Ciana let me hold her when I arrived and she weighed next to nothing compared to my rugged little almost 3 year old boy. She was like a little flower, so sweet and patient with us. She stared casually at me most of the time and we got a few laughs out of her too. When she got a little tired, a 15 min. power nap was all she needed and she was back in the game. Dad actually took a power nap too and we woke him up to join us. Sorry Chris!
I love this series of her with her family, especially her Grandma who was in from out of the country to spend time with them and do what Grandmas do.











Thursday, August 21, 2008

A 6th Grader......With Attitude


Our oldest started 6th grade this past Tuesday. Wow - we're not in elementary anymore Toto. Things have really changed. They are required to be a lot more independant this year. There are lockers and homerooms, different periods, Scientific caluclators, DANCES!, cell phones (with parental control of course and just for emergencies), and so on and so on. They have 5 minutes to enter the building and get to there lockers and homerooms. They carry their lunch, instrument, and backpack filled with among other things, a giant 3 " binder (has to be atleast 5") that is filled to the brim with paper, planner, tickets, cards, a loaded pencil pouch, dividers, homework, book covers, other notebook and so on and so on. It's only Thurs. and we have tried 3 different backpacks, and three pencil pouches to try and make the load lighter and more easily organized. Lockers are only about 6" wide and 3' tall. The backpacks were because he couldn't find one that would hold everything (3" binder) and still fit in his locker. We decided he would carry the big packpack, empty it out, and roll it up in the morning and shove it in there. I can't wait to chaperone a dance, if they let parents. Please, please say I can. It's just so exciting! We all remember 6th and 7th grade dances. I promise, I will cramp his style as little as possible, but to get to be a part of that part of your child's new world is too thrilling
Atleast this is a nice transition before Junior High as our builidngs are seperate for the 6th graders. I know this year will go fast, but we're going to try and enjoy every minute of it. Even with the attitude.

Scheduling Updates

Ok, I am surprised and happy to be saying that I am booked up until Dec. I know, who knew? Wedding Photographers are often booked way in advanced, but for those of us focusing on babies, and children and families, it's not as common. It's more of the kind of thing you try to get done on a weekly basis. Thanks so much for choosing me. There are a lot of photographers out there and I'm flattered that my style and work is what YOU are looking for. I'm excited for this fall to get together again with my returning clients and meet all of my knew ones. Thanks as well for all of the referrals as word of mouth is the only advertising that I do.
I do have one date in Dec. that I have offered, but has not been confirmed as of yet, so if you are interested, please give me a holler. January and February are wide open and a great time for anyone with small children or expecting newborns; we can be nice and cozy inside.

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