Thursday, May 27, 2010




My (Our) McCoy is 6 months old. Oh and how he has changed just over the last two months. The shape of his face, his beautiful wavy hair all thicker up on top like a baby pompadour starting to come in. Those eyes - huge and curled at the ends just like his smile. He always has a smile. A coy smile usually, when he looks away and then right back at you. Melts your heart.

He can be almost completely asleep and then sees one of us and will give a great smile. It's like he can't help it. He loves us and knows how much we love him and we make each other happy. It's contagious.

He has been a super easy, happy baby, and still is pretty much but is more demanding of our attention now. He wants love and to play and hugs and kisses and if you leave, you will hear his disappointment loud and clear.

He has two bottom teeth already with more coming in, weighs almost 20 lbs., burps loudly, slaps his legs on the floor when he is excited or mad, is a really good hair puller, almost always calms down when we sing "the itsy bitsy spider" (I think this is mainly because I was so exhausted and overwhelmed with life and moving when he was born that I was too tired to think of anything else and didn't change it up much) loves pureed carrots, knows when it is dinnertime, has only peed on us twice, is super impressed and curious about his big brothers, has a smaller version of the same birthmark on his tush as does Roman, talks himself to sleep, and is super delicious right out of the bathtub, and so on.

I find it so fascinating that we all have the same feelings of our children and what we would do for them and what they mean to us. We all feel this strongly about our own; it's really important to me to tell my boys that they are special. Everyday. "You are special. You, I love."
They are so special. All of them. Each of them to each of us. I get to spend time with so many families and I often think about that while I am there. These are their special children. This child is to them as my children are to me. I love to be able to give images of real interraction and those little moments that show this.

I have a lot more of him to share, but can't get my own personal editing accomplished. This one here though really tugs on me. When I look at this one I get a feeling of who he might become.

It makes me think of him as an old soul, or back to another time. I guess that's one of the reasons we love black and white so much. It takes it down to the basics of emotion, simplicity of tones and shadows, composition, etc. to tell the story. I feel that there is a story behind that image of my boy. I think of his life ahead when we will one day look back. When I look at it now, I wonder. When I will look at it then, I will know. I will know him.

I so love my baby Mack.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010



I know how hard is for my clients to wait to see their galleries and I really miss having the time to be able to give some glimses on the blog like I used to. Every week, I swear I'm going to get something posted, but life takes over and it doesn't happen.
This is for you Aimee M. as promised! It was fun to see you all again and catch up. This was our third session spread out over a year. Looking forward to hanging out and seeing what else we have in common.
Look at Keira's blue-blue eyes. She was very aware and concerned about everything and everyone around her and wore a pensive look the majority of the time. It was fun to see her get really silly on dad's shoulders; dancing around and making faces at her Grandma.






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