Thursday, March 21, 2013

baby teeth

Losing your baby teeth shouldn't be this difficult. Last year,  Roman's first adult two bottom teeth came in behind the baby teeth, therefore not pushing them out, and resulting in, four front bottom teeth.  I do have a photo of that somewhere.  The top ones are doing the same thing.  The baby teeth like to shift and replant themselves for dear life.  This now requires extra teeth wiggly in the morning, afternoon and bedtime.  We will get there.

Riley at six

I hadn't seen Riley in two years, but she certainly didn't disappoint as far as entertainment goes.  Her mom knows exactly what I am talking about as she gets the privilege of Riley's company everyday.  Miss personality is a description that comes to mind.  There was a whole lot of crazy going on this morning and I believe that is just the way she likes it.  Creative, charming, energetic, unique, and lovely.  She just might rule the world one day.  

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Looking at this image today, I don't think I posted it before, but excuse the repeat if my memory fails me. This is very possible.  Yes, drawing on the window.  Don't tell me you have never seen this sort of behavior from your toddler.  That is what I thought.  This is almost a year ago. Today he drew on the living room chair and is still in pull ups.  He has on underwear right now for the first time because somehow I talked him into it.  Fudge may have had something to do with it.  When he does go on the potty, I really love how he is independent and insists on emptying the little potty into the big potty all by himself.  This of course, concludes with me cleaning both potties and the floor, but such is life.
A spot just opened up for this weekend, Sat. or Sun.  Send me an email if you would like to grab it and we can talk details. 

Little Amelia

Happy to have gone out again to visit with this family.  The last time I was there Amelia's big brother Carson was her size.   Amelia showed her decisive personality by letting us know she needed a while to eat and eat again, and that she really didn't want to be away from mom at all.  Although towards the end she was quite happy hanging out and talking with Dad.  I loved how Carson held my hand with his strong grip and showed me around the house while we waited for Amelia to be ready.  



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