Tuesday, December 29, 2009



This post will seem random as I've had it sitting as a draft for a few weeks until I could get back to it and just want to get it shared.

Thanks Tonya & Doug for this beautiful handknitted hat for McCoy. So thoughtful of you - not unexpected though. ;)

He's a big boy with a big head - not uncommon in our family!

Thanks to everyone for all of the thoughtful gifts and cards. It means so much to us that you all would take the time and effort to do so for us. We appreciate everything.





One of my favorite images from Christmas.


I had a lot of fun with my clients these last couple of weekends. Newborns, one year olds, etc. Such beautiful children. Thanks for letting me into your homes and share some time with you. I hope you find your galleries to be as pleasing to you as they are to me while I'm editing. I'll be sharing them soon!

I've had to give up on catching up on blogging everyone from the past 7 or 8 months. With the moving and the new baby, it all got away from me. I'm now focusing on getting the site updated so check back from time to time to see if you recognize any little faces that belong to you.



It's officially official - we are parents of a teenager. How did that happen?

I'm actually really enjoying Drew growing into a young man. Our conversations are more complex and his personality, which has always been strongly evident, adds so much to our family.

This is of course the "I'm really too cool to stand here while you take my picture look, but what you don't see is the part of the thirteen year old that I really love; the part that likes pajamas days, to watch little kid shows with his brother, to be tucked in at night, and still lets himself be silly.

With these beautiful blue eyes, his heart of gold, and his confidence, it won't be too long before a girl tries to steal him away from me. TRIES, I said. It's a good thing I have three so when one leaves the nest I'll still have two baby birds to take care of. Even with a newborn, I am seeing the end to this stage one day.

Sometimes it feels like I can't wait to have free time, sleep in, and work without interruption but when I actually think of the house being empty - without their laughter, fighting, matchbox cars hitting the hardwood floor, footballs and basketballs being thrown in the playroom, hugs on the knees and neck, little voices asking for something to eat, saying "I've got to go pee!" and just generally calling "mom" all day long, I know I can wait.

How can you not love a kid who just wants a personal sized watermelon, rootbeer floats, a silly string fight in the snow, and to be allowed to stay up late to watch a bowl game and sleep in a tent in the basement for his birthday? With a birthday the day after Christmas, it's fun to do things differently.



The whole world in her hands


Isn't that the truth. It's what it feels like holding your little newborn baby in your arms. For awhile, the outside world melts away; or atleast you want it to. These fragile little people count on us for everything which can be overwhelming, but Amanda seemed to have it down pretty well with her calming voice and mom intuition with baby Claire.

Congratulations Amanda & Jeff!



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My McCoy ; One month old


This smile melts my heart. It's a little less sharp then I would like, but with that bobble head going up and down and side to side and Roman right on top of McCoy and myself the whole time I was trying to get some shots, I was just really happy to catch this. He has such a sweet demeanor and I could look into these eyes forever (cross eyed and silly, or not).









Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two weeks old............


No time for words; just pics. My McCoy - two weeks old this past Monday. We're getting to know each other, and we're pretty sure it's love.






Alex P.


Well, if you're a sucker for blue eyes, get a load of Alex. Killer baby blues at only one year old. Just a quick post - trying to catch up on all of the sessions from the last several months that there just hasn't been time to share.





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