Sunday, August 23, 2009

Their Girls


The first and last images here are my favorites from this session with Alison's family from a few weeks back. We started out slow this morning as all of us were not feeling like morning people at all, but the personalities did come out though as these silly girls played and let me hang out a while. Blonde beauties just like their mama.







Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Isabella Jumping Bean


Seriously, Isabella does not sit still for barely a second. Most little ones move around quite a bit, but I must say she is probably the most active I've seen. She just has energy-energy-energy and things to do.

Isabella is wearing my necklace here and at one point she wore her mom's as well. Whatever it takes to entertain them and keep them interested in something, especially with another super hot day.

When I went back the other day to deliver Brooke her CD's of the session, Isabella remembered how we played in her room that day and wanted to invite me in. She is a sweet little pickle.







Although you can't tell in the image I chose, Brooke is expecting and about one month ahead of me. I love it when I get a chance to grab a couple of images of mom and dad together because it's just not something we get around to after our children are born. I get to go back in Oct. when baby girl #2 will be born.


I'm working my way backwards through this summer and going to try to keep posting current sessions as well. Baby Maria and sisters Althea and Ruby are next.

Abigail is One


I love this little face. I got quite a lot of sneers from Abi this time around, but it just goes to show that they are who they are and will be who they are, no matter what. Lots of softer expressions too which I always feel are beautiful and little glimpses into their thoughts. Even though we had quite a hot, humid evening to work with, we still had a good time.







Real happiness here.



FYI - the house situation may finally be coming to a close with a happy ending. Thanks to all of my clients/friends in your understanding and support during the past 6 months or so while we've been dealing with all of the mess. It looks most likely now that we will be in our new home and getting settled about 2 months or so before the baby is due. Roman was born 3 weeks early though, so we're cutting it a little close. We swear we're going to find some time tonight to find a name for this little guy. It's so hard by the time you are on your third child to come up with another name that fits into the mix and can stand alone as well. We're the kind of people that don't tell the name until the baby is born. I think it drives our families crazy, but we just can't spill the beans early.

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