Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Finley, along with his mom and dad, welcomed me into his home last weekend. As always, I was distracted by the charm and character of an older home and had to bring myself back to our session more than a few times. Chris is an artist and has left his imprint all around them. I never know what I am going to find when I walk into a client's home. It's part of the challenge and the fun.





Looking at this one below makes me think about the old and the new. Beth and Chris's beautiful older home and this antique rocker with baby Finley looking out into the world. What is waiting for him and all of our children? Someday this will be an old photo that he may look back upon with his grandchildren and think of how so much has changed since he was a baby; and they will think of the present as the distant past.

With the inauguration this past week and all of the changes taking place, it feels like there is new life and breath in the air and we have a direction. I'm just very thankful right now to have our freedom. A renewed freedom. We do take it for granted when we are not constantly aware of the way many people in the world live everyday; what they go without and what they endure.
With all that we have been through as families, neighbors, communities, businesses, a country, a nation, and a world in the past few years, we deserve this. Hug your children, kiss your spouse, lend a hand, say a prayer, have an open mind and an open heart; it can only make things better.



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