Monday, November 10, 2008



Last year I traveled to meet this family at their home for our session, and this year they all drove up to see me. We had a perfect evening at Inniswoods to hang out and walk around. It seems as though it was everyone's idea as there had to be atleast 10 other photographers there while we were.

They seem normal enough at first, but when you hang around with these guys for awhile things can get a little crazy. I'm pretty sure that most of the shannanigans start with Dad. Michelle and the girls would probably agree.

Kate is first. She's the youngest and absolutely loves to be photographed. She makes it very easy. I loved this spot with the little wooded gate.



Abbey ~







On the left is the shot from last year that we took to mimick the one they had taken themselves of the girls years earlier. On the right is our newest version. So now they have three. It was Dad who suggested that we do this again this year. When mom asked him if we were going to have to do this every year now, he said "Yes!" I made him get all teary eyed when I mentioned that they could each do this on their wedding day.

It was great to see you all again. I love my returning clients!


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Christine Okonak said...

That third one of Kate is amazing. I am speechless. :-)

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