Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pretty Jenny

This bouquet in Jenny's dining room is a good representation of the weather we had for our session. Wilting roses at the end of their lives and strong bright tulips standing up straight, reflect the 40 degree temperature with cold winds along side the very bright sun that helped to warm us up. Winter will end, and Spring will arrive.................eventually.

Jenny is being honored in her profession and is in need of a recent image to be hung on the wall for all to see for many years to come. We talked a little about her work life and I know that it takes a very caring and strong person to do what she does. It is an honor well deserved.

Her smile is contagious and we laughed most of the time. I'm sure her neighbors had a few questions afterwards as to what I had her doing in her front yard. We surely looked silly, but I love the images we ended up with. Her fair hair and blue eyes are a lovely combination.


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