Sunday, November 4, 2007


This beautiful little boy could not have been more patient with us. You never know with babies what kind of moods you are going to get. They often change very quickly as well, so you just go with the flow and not force anything and great stuff happens. It was chilly, but with the sun out we managed to grab some stuff in the backyard. I'm so glad we did, because this first one is just one of my favorites. We oohed and awwed when put him down in the leaves and saw this expression. We knew it was a keeper. It was Dad's idea to give him a bath just as we were wrapping up. I had to just pick a couple from bathtime because so many of them are precious. At first he didn't like the water at all - and he let us know about it. But after Dad's hands warmed up and the water cooled down, he was totally loving it.
Joe and Melissa are such natural first time parents; as are Kevin and Darci from the previous post. It's so nice to see how calm and relaxed they are around their babies and how soothed that makes them feel. I told Melissa she should become a baby whisperer, because she just had to shh shh Owen and he would become content again.
It was great chatting with you both as well! Looking forward to more Owen sessions this year.

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