Friday, October 19, 2007

Mama Mia

I met Beth and her family when I showed up at her house to do a maternity/family shoot. I always just end up shooting whatever is going on around me, so we got a lot of great family stuff. There little boy is so so handsome and talks a lot for his age. He even makes monkey noises! They were gracious enough to let me stay what was probably too long. Seriously Beth, I didn't know what time it was until I got into my car! Well, we got a lot to show for it. I'm only letting you peek at a couple of the real maternity shots because they are very beautiful, but also very personal and I just feel better if she gets to see them first. Oh, I have to mention that she was concerned about the fact that she hadn't had her eyebrows done recently. Now, look at the last photo and tell me if YOU notice. Ummm.......I think not.

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Carole Foret said...

Hi Lisa, I found you on OSP and wanted to comment on your work--lovely! I went all through your blog's first page and especially loved the maternity shoot at the bottom--she is a fabulous-looking expectant mother! Precious. And your boys in the planes was great too. Thanks for sharing yourself and your thoughts.

Be blessed,

Garrett Hubbard said...


beautiful family photos!

your lead photo of the family on the bed is such a precious moment I can really tell they are completely at ease with you and this is what allowed you to make such a stellar image. the light through the blinds makes me feel like it's a relaxed late Sunday afternoon and quality with the whole fam.


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