Monday, March 9, 2009

The unexpected


I didn't mind the drive up north to the little town where this guy lives. I had over an hour to myself, my music, and my thoughts - not time for that much lately.

When I came to the town, it reminded me a lot of where I grew up in Coshocton. The Main St. and courtsquare have that old time charm and coziness.
Laura mentioned that I would be looking for a door to the second floor of a commercial building, but what she did not mention was that a little white door in an alley opens to a wide, steep stairway - that leads to a huge 3 level brickwalled, wood floored, beautifully decorated, open loft home that overlooks that courtsquare.
It is a beautiful home and even with the first level heat going out the night before, we still had plenty of room to work with.

I really have a good time meeting new clients and working in different environments. Gustin is a handsome fellow and we have more sessions planned too.







Quincey has such a sweet nature and she seemed to want to be in every shot, or atleast close by. I have a lot of images that include her nose-tail-head-back.


I of course, on this day chose to wear the wrong shoes and ended up tip-toeing through the snow and ice that lay on the alley waiting for some sunshine. I'm tired of wearing the comfortable shoes, but winter is not over.


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