Monday, March 30, 2009


IMG_9916 We met up on Saint Patrick's Day for our third session and Grandma drove in from out of town to join us. I love this three generation image above. There is so much more meaning when there is interaction and not just smiling faces looking at the camera. Look at the love in Grandmas eyes looking down at her Grandaughter. You would'nt see/feel that if she were looking at the camera.

We started in the backyard and then headed to a couple of different locations. One was just down the road and was a property that was for sale with several old barns and buildings on it. I could have stayed there forever looking in all of the nooks and crannies and broken doors and bicycle parts and boats. It would be a great spot for a senior or engagement shoot. Unfortunately, there was a no trespassing sign. Oops!

My youngest son Roman's eyes are one of my favorite things about him. They are just an unusual shape and very dark, like little sparkly almonds. So much of his smile is in his eyes. Dalen's eyes remind me of his in how special they are. The little ends scoop down and out like they are smiling too.









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