Monday, October 27, 2008

Paytie Cole


I finally got to see my Great Niece Payton when I went home to do Josh's senior session (see previous post). We only had time for a few quick images inbetween everything else, but don't you love how much personality and insite you can get from a child. It's just right their on their face. She is four and she is mama's and Grandma's baby. Actually Grandma isn't Grandma, she is Nan. My sister is just too cool to be "Grandma". ;)







You know, we hear it and say it all the time; how each child is so special in their own ways, but when I see children with their families and the things they say and do and their own little ways of connecting with each other - it is true. We all have the same thing in a slightly different package. The love, the happiness, and the real joy from the little hearts that walk around outside of our bodies is what keeps us focused and real and be able to get up and do it all again the next day. We work hard for them, we play hard for them, and we generally don't have a lot of time for ourselves, but it's ok. We give them that and more if we could.
I love when a parent loves an image of their child or family and it really means something. It's great to be able to record in a small way some of the feelings at this point in time. All of the little everyday things we do and share, I believe is where our value lies. Big accomplishments are of course great and I'm all for growing and being productive in life, but to constantly love someone and as they say "write on the slate of who they are" is extremely valuable, rewarding and a huge responsibility.

I have another lovely family to post here soon as well and I can't wait to show them! They do have to wait though, even though they tried to sneak a peek; just because they live across the street. Who do they think they are?! ;)


And - one more of Paytie in the pool just for fun. She has the swimming gene. This is her in the deep end.


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Jodi (Paytie's Nan) said...

Oh, my beautiful Paytie Cole! Thanks, Lisa!

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