Monday, October 13, 2008

Appreciation .................

I always say that I have the best clients and you all send me the nicest notes and emails. They are all greatly appreciated and important and they keep me going, but yesterday I received two of the nicest ones yet. Thank you Tonya and Thank You Hillary, for your words and appreciation and understanding. Those comments make me want to do more and do better and believe in myself as an artist, which is most important to me.
COMMENTS; please feel free to type in a comment below any post if you find something that you connect with. It always makes me happy to share thoughts. You can do it anonymously if you wish or just a first name. Feedback is wonderful, so if you have a second let me know what you think.


Tonya said...

Hi Lisa! Doug and I just LOVE the gallery!!! We think you did an amazing job capturing Sage's personality. You were able to get so many of her expressions. We will treasure them forever because we know one day the memories of her as a baby will get blurry, but with these photos we'll be able to glance back and remember exactly how precious she was. Thank you so much for your excellent work! There are few possessions that mean as much to us as photos of our loved ones, so we feel very fortunate to have found you to help us capture such beautiful yet realistic images.

Doug and Tonya

Hillary said...

Hi Lisa-

I am sitting here salivating over your blog and the future photo session we have set up for Chris' Christmas gift!!! I can't WAIT!! Your talent is amazing. You definitely have mad photo skills. :) I will touch base with you very soon about the upcoming session!


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