Friday, September 5, 2008



I'm so thankful for my clients for referring me so often to their family and friends. Yesterday morning I met Jamee, Kyle and their new baby girl Abigail. They were sent my way via Darci. I think Darci is friends with everyone at this point. She is just the sweetest person. Hi Darci!
Well, even though some bedsheets and pillows were soaked by little Abigail (the typical newborn session hazzards) I think it was worth it. She was a trooper and tolerated us pretty well. Jamee even let me take her dining room chair out into the driveway and I love those ones so much. Simple black and whites with a raw feeling to them and images with strong color and or composition make my heart sing.


The feet. I love to shoot feet. I don't ever plan on how I'm going to shoot most things, just some general ideas in mind- so I love to see how the feet images end up because they are all so different because of this. Baby feet are so same and so different at the same time. Some will never put their feet together and that's fine, and some have the toes all curled up like fingers, and some are always flexed and sticking straight out. Combine that with different settings, lighting, and moods and you really can get a good variety.











I was shooting from different angles and saw Jamee's flip flopped feet in the top of the frame and just thought it was so cute her looking over her baby.


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Darci said...

Kudos Lisa!! This is the president of the Lisalorraine fan club! Little Abi's pictures are amazing! I love the chair pics! You just keep taking the photos and I'll take care of your marketing (which is pretty darn easy considering all I have to do is share your beautiful pictures!)-Darci

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