Thursday, June 5, 2008

Growing Up

Drew just graduated 5th Grade last week and it's hard to believe he's moving on to be a 6th grader next year. The elementary phase is over. I treasure it all and look forward to watching him grow into a little man. He is my best friend.
Some things about Drew
He loves having pajama days.
Hates to go to the store, but then you can't get him out once he is there
Best big brother ever; helping to teach, guide, keep safe, and play with his brother and sister.
Drew is a big stickler for the rules. His mathematical mind can't help it. He is fond of exactness and all things technical.
He is the biggest bedtime staller you'll ever meet. Once he is asleep though, it's nearly impossible to wake him up. He wakes up early on his own in the morning, but is a very sound sleeper.
He plays the trumpet.
He is a paper hoarder. He writes so many list and things and never throws them away.
He'd rather do nothing with someone than do something alone.
He has a lot of short and long term goals. Long term; NBA Star & Air Force Fighter Pilot - Short Term; visit as many states over the summer as possible and Create an Etsy site to sell his unbelievable graphic art work.
He's always hot and will wear shorts in the winter if you let him.
He does not know how to whisper, talks loud, often, and asks a lot of questions.
He never wants to see a movie, but loves sports channels & classic cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Goofy, & Pink Panther. He also likes to watch Whammi on the game show network.
Loves to whistle, hum, and write music on the computer.
Has freckles like his mom and stick straight hair like his dad.
Loves Frogs, basketball, WII, reading, the beach, swimming, watermelon, pancakes, blueberries, hot dogs, sour candy, running, cars, music, football, Christmas, snow, cupcakes, and much much more.

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