Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Such Flare!

Lens flare is one of those things that a lot of photographers drool over. It's dramatic, warm, soft, adds something artistic to an image. There is even "fake" flare that you can add to your images in post production. The flare I ended up with in the image below was really a surprise and a little treat for me. I was just trying to catch a little with my son Roman before the sun set. It's a darn rainbow! And he's waving - it - somehow!? ! I know it's weird.

DISCLAIMER -- I have no idea for the life of me - why - he ended up with this haircut. I came home with my oldest Drew from a meeting at school (only gone about an hour) and my husband surprised me with this little gem. He never mentioned that he thought he needed a haircut, never mentioned HIM cutting his hair. Why, because he is not very good at it. I know, this is obvious. Atleast this image is looking at him straight on. You don't want to see it from the side. :)


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