Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stormy Weather

I like the idea of storms; you know, cozying up inside the house, watching the rain fall. It's much different when you are in a car with your entire family (life) and it's a beautiful day, until out of nowhere it comes. "IT" ended up having atleast two tornado spottings and live wires down on the road at the end of our street.
We were heading for the grocery store when we saw the sky change quickly and heard the tornado siren go off. We called my mother in law (one of my favorite people) who lives close to our house, and she confirmed it was a mess there. We drove home as fast as we could right into the pounding rain and branches falling. Thank goodness we had a comic relief moment when a beach ball blew by! We needed it. Within 1 minute, my husband and I had the boys in the basement along with phone, cell phone & charger, water, milk, peanut butter, bread, pretzels, bananas, plastic knife, blanket, and weather radio with flashlight - no kidding. It's the mom thing. After about an hour all was clear in our area and as far as I know, no one was hurt. Did I mention that..........I just like the "idea" of storms?

I went out later last night to put my car into the garage and the clouds were very unusual; very spider- webby and dense at the same time. These images really don't do them justice, but I just wanted to grab something quick and head to bed.


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