Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Growing up

Thinking a lot this week about what it means to be a parent.  Mom and Dad comes easily but parent as in "to parent" is quite the job, isn't it?  

Moving through a phase recently that is teaching me about myself as a mom, my boys, the world inside our home and outside and how to make them work together.  They start out little like this little hand, but even when they grow taller than you as one of mine has done, they need you even more.  This transition into young adulthood is probably the most challenging thing I have faced as a parent. 

Making Choices:  choosing to listen,  choosing to connect, choosing to make a stand, choosing not to conform, choosing us, choosing them.  Choosing time.  Choosing to play, think, wait, talk, hug. 

So much more concerned with what is seen through their eyes than what everyone else sees or believes.  What they feel now and remember could never become less important than what other folks think. 

I will be concerned with real life. Real life. These will be the years he remembers the most.

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