Friday, July 23, 2010

Can I play in the curtains Mommy?


This is one of baby Mack's (McCoy) favorite things to do lately. He's as fast as lightning getting over there to the window. As most, he wants to chew on them, pull them down and roll around in them.

"Ok, just for a minute so I can get some record of this and those big eyes." Irresistable.




1 comment:

Janelle Marie Events said...

Oh Lisa - he's SOOO BIG! I have to get over there to see this guy ASAP. I see a little Roman in him, but he is totally his own man. I love "Mack" - cutest nickname (I'll have to tell Matt).

I miss you guys - let's set a date soon for a get together... maybe to the park or something like that before it starts to get cold outside.

As always, I love your work!

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