Saturday, September 19, 2009



Seriously, the last time I saw Zacch, I'm pretty sure he about a year old running around his backyard playing with his mom Patty and his Aunt Amy. Patty, Amy, and I weren't too much older than he is now. I grew up with their family as well as mine, and spent probably far too much time at their house; camping out in the living room and the back porch, helping Amy clean the house after school, getting ready for school or church in the mornings with all of the girls fighting for space at the bathroom and kitchen mirrors and taking turns with the curling brush to get our bangs perfectly feathered, poofed, and sprayed in place. I couldn't tell you how many Sunday after church meals I've eaten at their table as well as many other days of the week.

It was great to be able to do Zacch's senior session and get to hang out for awhile. Check out these blue eyes!

I'm working on his cousin Bethany's session that we did last week so her beautiful face will be here soon as well.

I hope it isn't as long until I see you all again.








Zacch said...

Thanks so much Lisa! I had a really good time.

patty williams said...

the pictures look great Lisa!!! sooo hard to choose... Thanks for doing his session. We had a great time. Patty

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