Thursday, July 30, 2009


I couldn't believe it when I read the date of the last entry. Life has been so chaotic lately and I'm so craving some calmness, completeness, and comfort. We've had so many months of crazy exhaustedness that life has been a fog of stress and anxiety.

We sold our house and are temporarily in a townhome for a short term lease. And while I'm appreciative to have a roof over our heads and a little security, I cannot lie; it stinks. Without going into details, let's just say my sense of home, and life, and routine, and family, has been swept out from underneath me. Working is fairly difficult at the moment as well, but I'm so thankful for all of my wonderful clients-new and old. I love to hear how excited you are to know our session is getting closer, and I love it even more when you tell me how much the images mean to you. I've sent out so many emails in the last few months having to say that I am fully booked up until Feb. Part of the spring and summer are scheduled as well. That security is so welcomed by me right now. You keep coming back and telling your friends and that just makes life sweet!

If we had a house ready to go to it would be a different situation, but the not knowing, not owning, in limbo phase has really gotten me out of sorts.

Good news - GREAT NEWS is- that we are expecting our third boy - Yes, three boys- in Nov. He is actually due on our youngest's birthday. Knowing that we have this little one on the way shortly is adding to the anxiety and feeling of needing to be settled. I know it won't be long and we'll be starting a new chapter. Can't wait.

So many images are sitting on my pc from the last few months just waiting to be shared. Hopefully, I will have something up by this weekend. The website is so outdated as well and I've been dying to get everyone on there from this past year. My list of to-do's is gigantic as I'm sure yours is as well.

I'm dreaming of sand between my toes and hearing my boys run on the beach - laughing and splashing in the water. Don't wake me, please!

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Anonymous said...

super congratulations to you, Lisa!
Warmest thoughts...
-Megan Gilbert

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