Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So I've missed most of April here but it's just been impossible to grab time to put things up in as fast as I'd like to. If you read the last post, you'll know that selling the house has become a third job for me. This week we 've had 7 showings in 8 days. We're just trying to appreciate the opportunities that will get us to the next phase and where we really want to be - HOME. I'm so looking forward to a bigger house with space for all of us and our stuff - did I mention SPACE? We are on top of each other here.

I have so many plans for when we move and I'm so excited to style our home in a really fun, personal, artistic and homey way. I've wanted to do that forever and I've finally decided that I'm going to do it my way and be creative and not let anyone else's rules get in the way. Doesn't that sound like fun?

I've been picking up pieces of furniture and accents here and there and actually have quite a bit in storage. They are calling me daily - my eyes want to see their shapes and colors and feel how they make me feel. It's such a rush to find a piece that just feels like you and you know that seeing it everyday will bring that little cheer and comfort. If you are a visual person and also a little bit of a home body, you know what I'm talking about. I'm terribily affected by the things around me.

So here goes a catch up quickie post. Three mini posts in one, if you will.

Patrick: What a face! Patrick has that full, round, yummy baby face and body that you just want to kiss and squish.



I love the TRAV-A-LITE sticker--------you don't need much more with you then this.





Sage and I are getting to know each other pretty well. This was our 4th session and we have more to come. We've had two sessions at her home, one at Griggs Resevoir and this one at Innis Woods. Our next venture will be out a little east to the spot where Doug proposed to Tonya - Dawes Arboretum. Isn't that a great idea? Leave to Tonya though. She is as great as they come and puts atleast 110% into everything she does. Most of all her daughter.

Sage gave us many expressions including the "bulldog" pouty lip and many smiles.






This is my favorite from this session and favorite of Tonya and Sage together so far.





Jen and Jason are friends of a client (Jamie) who is friends a client (Darci). Whenever I mention a client, my husband asks me "Now how did they find you?" - and I proceed to list the 6 degrees from which they were referred. It turns out that my husbnad knows them both from work as well.

It still is amazing to me that just by word of mouth I've managed to build this little business in the past 2 1/2 years - with no advertising, other than a one time silent aution gift card to a preschool for Stephanie, mom of Ava, and friend of Darci as well. Now Darci has referred me many times over and has created sub groups. My Worthington group and from there, my Victoria Secret's moms group (they all work there).
Darci is the sister of Dara. Dara is married to Chris. Chris went to school with my husband and we met before we all got married. Dara and Chris's session of their son Ty was one of the very first sessions I did. They passed me on to Darci and it went from there. See how all of that works!

So I truly appreciate all of you giving me your support and sending your family and friends my way. I hope I"ve shown that I will take good care of them.

Alex had some fun in the tub. I love how they put him on his belly. He did like it, although it doesn't look like it.


He wasn't completely sure about me being there.





Isn't this how we feel about our children. No matter what, where, when, whom, they will be forever in our heart and ours.


So sweet.



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Tonya said...

The photos of Sage are just beautiful! Of course we're not surprised at all because your work is consistently gorgeous. Thank you SO much! We are already looking forward to Sage's 12 month session in July. Has it REALLY been over 9 months since she's been born?!? So glad to capture these early days and fast-paced changes in the precious photos you have done!

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