Sunday, March 23, 2008



We had a great day and we hope you and your families did as well.
My favorite things this Easter;

1. Bunny photos at the zoo in the snow/rain and visiting the manatees, stingrays, frogs, turtles, and snakes. Boys are all about reptiles and amphibians.
2. Egg hunt indoors
3. Drew getting to fly the rc airplane from his basket outside -not so favorite - getting it stuck on the roof of the school :(
4. Lots of Roman squeezes and hugs in Church and him yelling "Hi mom mom" over and over while sitting on my lap during prayer!
5.Having the whole day to spend with my family and friends and great meals together.
6. Grandma's eggstra special "clue" hunt for Drew
7. Making chocolate chip cookies from Whole Foods - so good and healthy.
8. Never forgetting what Easter is really about.

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Anonymous said...

These were my favorite things too.


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